So, seeing as I can't fulfil my ultimate goal of writing about my travels ALL the time, every now-and-then I have a glimmer of inspiration in subjects other than travel. If you're looking for a bunch of posts that are quite possibly, random as heck, then you're in the right place!

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To learn how to make your own scented soy wax candle, click here.

To hear about the BEST hair brush ever, click here.

To get some Sex on the Peach, click here.

Linguistics post #1: Read about the 7 most annoying ways that people mis-use words here.

Should of 

A: “You should of made more friends at school.”

B: “You should have gone to school, bro.”

Linguistics post #2: 'Flipping someone off', 'Shooting the bird' and 'The one finger salute'. Read more

The low-down on the middle finger!

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